Monday, June 15, 2009

Wahooo! 2 in 1, Baby!

This "going for two" is big for me! I recently saw a gal's work and she did FIVE challenges with one card! Now that's some SERIOUSLY crafty craftiness! I'm pretty excited when I can do ONE challenge at a time, so TWO is, seriously, thrilling for me! First there's the Moxie Fab GO GREEN! FIND THE VALUE IN VINTAGE challenge thing that's been somersaulting around in my brain for a while.... THEN, that crafty little minx, Dawn McVey tosses out one of the MOST challenging color schemes I've seen (unless you're making MONEY, aka: lettuce, bills, cabbage...)... So, this is wild:

Wait until you see the cute color graphic Dawn made! Here are my colors in natural light, although it's sunset, so there's a pinkness to my photos that isn't there in "professional" light. This next shot I used an "enhance" feature on my i-photo, nothing special, but it's neat to compare...

Here's a detail shot of my metal stamping! Thank goodness I still have those babies!

CHECK OUT THE GRAPHIC HERE! Moxie's challenge called for a FOR REAL hunk of vintage "something!" I racked my brains and searched and searched for just the right bit of treasure! FINALLY, I found this: wrapped up in some old business cards and memorabilia from my dear, sweet dad. My mom has been curating over small pieces of Dad's old things slowly handing them over to me in the years since my dad passed away. Sometimes I look and other times I squirrel them away in a drawer.... A drawer of treasures that one day I'll weave into some sort of family keepsake... There's the nostalgic and sad part of that, and then there is something like this guy: the WARD's MOTOR RECORD BOOK "man!" My dad ALWAYS kept a record of his millage and car care. How funny that mom should find this ANCIENT piece and save it for me! There is copyright from 1930, 1937, 1949 and 1959! I KNEW when I saw this ridiculously funny face that a vintage card would be born from this!


C/S - Stampin' Up!
Ink - Stampin' Up! (Craft and Classic Dye) & Staz On (Black, used on metal tag)
Embossing Powder - Stampin' Up!
Background Stamp - Stampin' Up!
Vintage Car Stamp - Tim Holtz
Metal Circle - MM
Metal Letter Stamps - Lee Valley Tools
Elastic Cord - Stretch Rite
Black and White Striped Ribbon - MM
C/S vellum - Stampin' Up!
Metal Key Charm - MM
Chipboard Letters - Heidi Swapp

So, WOW! THAT WAS REALLY FUN!!! I hope you enjoyed this post: it was a good share and a fun time for ME! Hopefully, {oh goodness...} it was good/FUN for you, too! Tee Hee

Bye now!

- Elise


Dana Gustafson said...

I think the motor record book man is speaking to me! I hear his booming voice in my head :) I love this Elise and I LOVE that you dug this out of the pile of great pieces of family/dad memorabilia. What a treasure that surely works likes a charm with your metal punched tag. Awesome!

Diane said...

What a clever idea! Love the vintage look and how fun you could do two challenges in one! Nice piece of history!!

Beth said...

You're amazing, Elise! Simply amazing!

Julia Aston said...

What a great color challenge card! love the long shape, the vintage image, the metal tag and key - very cool design!

Rosemary said...

Hey sweetie!! Wow, you hit another one out of the park! Love how you incorporated the little book guy! You are so creative and artsy and well, fabulous!!

Ann said...

Awesome! Fab job with both challenges!

tg said...

Love this! Such a cool/interactive card.

Shauna K said...

Wow this is so gorgeous! I love all the pieces and how you interwove them, turned out fab :)

Linda aka Oz said...

Love the card. My dad always kept the mileage, I have a whole stack of little notebooks all banded together. Pretty dry stuff but every once in awhile a little personal note about something or other in his handwriting. Nothing like this darlin little feller Linda aka Oz

Terri Trotter Earley said...

Love all of your metal hardware! Fabulous job on the color combo!

It's a good life!
Terri E.

Karen said...

OOOoooooo! So loving this!! Elise, that really rocks that your Mom passes on so many treasures. Its like a little history book for you relish, a personal one at that. Love the background you stamped the car on.......thought it really was linen! :> Way to go combining certainly rocked them both!!! :>

Winter said...

Very unique, I love it!

Michele Kovack said...

LOVE it!!! So cool!

Anonymous said...

I love the metal stamping! I love the stitching! I love the papers! Girrrrrl! Love it!