Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A little FROSTY on a frosty day!

Is it frosty where you are?

I guess you could say that in this, here, part of the North BAY AREA, California, we're accustom to mild temperatures... We get hot and cold, but not to the extreme of many places my bloggy friends are from.. {YET, another great thing about this bloggy-blog world that we're in..!} So, I feel the need to preface this post with the acknowledgement that some of you, possibly, had to dig your car out just to get kids to school today...{My hats and mittens OFF to YOU, brave souls!} My silly little stories of HOW COLD IT IS here at Rancho Durenberger are going to seem rather benign to you ~ please forgive me.

But, babies, it's COLD outside!

That's the reason and inspiration for today's card for this week's Get Sketchy Challenge, #17!

I brought this MOST adorable Frosty fellow out, from October Afternoon, to help me keep warm with some fun stampy, inky, blingy craft, whilst standing right next to my lil' space heater in Scrapland! {Brrrrrr ~ cement FLOOR = COLD PIGGIES!}

Thanks to this very fun sketch composition from the fabulous Get Sketchy talents... A lil' flip and tweak here and there...

Yes, indeed! Some fun and seasonal crafting to wake me up this morning... And maybe just a wee-bit of procrastination before I face some horrible items on the mighty to-do list... {..Like PROPERTY TAXES! Yeeeeee-uck!}

So, because you were patient and let me vent just then, I thought I might share some shots from the morning routine, today....

Just two of "my guys" eating their breakfast... I WAITED to feed until the sun was at least shining! And thank goodness it did! Check out this gorgeous hunk of ice that I pulled out of their water trough!

A lovely and talented PHOTO-FABULOUS friend of mine {Thanks, Linda B!} suggested that I try for a shot THROUGH the ice chunk, yesterday... But I couldn't get the ice to stand by itself... Today's ice chunk was much more agreeable! The photos that follow illustrate the curious and silly antics of the "baby", Wildcard...

Thoughtfully contemplating a closer look...

Sneaking up on the ALIEN ice chunk... {Something NEW! OMG!}

Maybe it won't see me!

Coming in for a sniff....

Mmmm, maybe a lick...

How does the OTHER side taste?

Ohhhhhhhhhh noooooooooooo! DANGER!

Wildcard "broke the ice!" tee hee

PROOF! Mother Nature is a CRAFTER TOO!

Okay, crafty ones! Let's keep it warm out there!

Have a great one!

Supplies -

C/S - Stampin' Up!
D/P - Basic Grey
Stamps - October Afternoon
Ink - Stampin' Up! & Versa Fine
Oval Shape - Coluzzle
Bling - Pressed Petals


Karen said...

YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm FREEZING!!!! We may not have needed to dig ourselves out of snow, but I do not own any clothes that are appropriate for this significantly below freezing weather we have!!! I'm wearing Hubby's hoodie sweatshirt and let me tell is not toasty warm in the least! that I have that off of my blue tinged fingers (you think I'm kidding, huh??? Nope...just looked down and they are indeed blue!!) I can move on.....

Love your Frosty! How cute is he?! And you squeezed in a challenge....woooohoooo! And oh my...look at all that frosty bling! Frosty love...oooooo that should be a song!

LOVE all your horsey & ice shots! :> We had ice on the deck near and around where the kitties water bowl SHOULD have been. I finally found it on the other side of the deck....and in the middle of the deck and a few other various places. Apparently, even the cold doesn't stop a racoon or two from finding water (& ice) to play with and completely shred the plastic all over the deck! Don't even ask me what the baby racoons have done with the kidlets' balls and old plastic golf clubs!!

Oh I am SOOO HAPPY that YOU got some fun lovin' crafty play in!!! :>:>

Claire said...

Well, your card has me feeling much warmer and cozier!

~amy~ said...

OMGoodness...I totally adore your take on the sketch Elise...that sweet snowman teamed up with all that delish bling...wowza!

thanks for sharing your pics of "your guys"...tooo fun!

Stay warm!!!

Rosemary said...

Oh, your Frosty is so adorable (I still want that set!!!)!! I'm going to have to give that sketch a try here pretty soon. And your guys??? Love the pictures!! Thanks for making me smile, funny friend!! :)

Dee said...

Frosty is cute. Nice pics of the horses. Like the ice chunk. Here in Canada today we are digging out with snow. No buses running for the kids so had to drive them to school. Oh the joys of winter. I always enjoy your blog, you make me smile.

Beth said...

Too funny! That WAS a pretty good chunk o' ice you got there! Today was actually warm for us, so my sister and I were able to enjoy our third annual Christmas Light Event without having to bundle up four kids in snow pants and all!

Andi (RrlScrapGal) said...

OH I'm loving this post!!! Love Frosty! He's so fab blingin' it up!!!! Dare I say he is HOT?

OK.. LOVE the ice shots! What a crack up... silly horse!

I'm jealous you have green grass.. it's so inviting!!!

It's exactly 1 degree in the town 17 miles from here.. Afraid to look at our outdoor therm! Woke to minus 5 or so... oh well!

diane said...

hi miss e!'s SO cold around here! hope all is well with you and yours and you're staying warm. i just adore that lil guy (the snowman) and smile whenever you bring him to Frosty :) hope we can get together soon. xxxooo diane o

Jenny said...

Wildcard! Still up to the antics, I see. Has he worked with our highly quotable cowboy friend this year?

Rose said...

OMGoodness your card is AWESOME!!! and YES we are getting the cold and frost here in central ca also. I saw that a town buy the bay area got SNOW!!! YUK!!! i am a desert rat so i am freezing! your horses are to funny lol

Unknown said...

Love your snowmen card! And great pictures you made of your horses :D It hasn't been that cold here in Holland jet but after today the predictions are the weather will be colder.

Dotty Jo said...

Hi Sweetie, gorgeous card and a wonderful post!
I am lost in the fog today! I live in the highest part of Birmingham and this area of the city has its own little micro-climate. Andy is planning to take me to the German Market today(fabulous fun, gorgeous gifts and amazing food!!!)so I hope the fog clears later. Last year I got tipsy on the hot mulled wine, which made shopping very interesting! Hugs, Jo x

Vanessa said...

Yes, it`s cold outside in my part of the world, too! Love your cute snowman card, it`s ADORABLE!!! I had so fun looking at your photos! Stay warm, dear Elise!


Dora said...

Wonderful pictures, and wonderful card for GS as always!
Have a wwonderful and warm weekend!

Courtney Baker said...

Brr... I think I need to put my jacket on! Great pictures! And I love your card girlie!

Lea L. said...

What a cute little card!! Love the little frosty and the jewel flourishes!!

Those photos are so fun!! Love the little story they tell. I am up in we are practically arctic this week!

Great job with GS17!


Carol L said...

Your card is awesome with all that fabulous bling!! I really enjoyed your post today, because I LOVE horses! The photos remind me of the days when we used to have horses and how much I miss them! Horses are as curious as cats aren't they? :) TFS!