Friday, May 14, 2010

Catching my breath and some COLOR CUE!


In the parenting "contract" that I'm pretty sure I signed AFTER reading the fine print... I don't recall the section that said "after the end of Spring Break and until the last day of school, the time space continuum will swallow you and your calender, whole. Sanity breaks will be short lived while lacking the restorative power you require to face this period, but you will not waver in the commitment to your kids and their scholastic requirements and necessary support in the home..."

Wait, W - H - A - T !?!

I'm just saying, this time of year is particularly challenging. It feels insane, like the holidays, but no tree or presents. But speaking of CHEER... Cheerful things that made me sign up for this wild ride to begin with...

Another baby card, to remind me that when they were babies, I thought it was JUST AS DIFFICULT!!! {But they sure were cute!} Meanwhile, these images, and a slice of priceless craft time equaled ... a great way to celebrate the colors of Dawn's latest Color Cue ~ this one's number 4!

So, in spite of my, ample, self pity... I made this to feature these happenin' colors and Dawn's latest release, Kisses and Cuddles....

Aside from HOW ADORABLE this train is and HOW MUCH FUN I HAD COLORING IT and adding smoke from the wee-little chimney, easy-peasy with a small smudge of ink and my aqua pen!!! I had EXTRA fun with the word, "welcome."

I'm REALLY coming around to the wonders of the clear stamps (although I'll NEVER give up my wood mounted - just sayin'...!)..... But this was huge for me! I tapped the sentiment in light blue and then, because you can literally see though it, tapped the top part of the word, lengthwise and the underside as well in navy ink... Oooooooowwww! Two-tone! HELLO!!!! Easy, fun and memorable!

Just enough creative juice to re-invigorate me to go back out into the trenches of academic commitment! {hee hee}

But speaking of CREATIVE JUICE..... ! And, if you HAVE the time, AND you'd like to add some extra inspiration to your OWN fantastic ju-ju, check out everyone's inspirational pieces with these dynamite colors and give 'em a good yee haw {!} from me!

All righty then, lovey doves!

I'm off to bed and then to the Petaluma Cruiser's in the AM to help the 4Hers and their popcorn sales! Much fun and fabulous photo opportunities to come! Have a great day/night/weekend - you name it!

Supplies -

C/S - Stampin' Up!
Stamps - Wplus9designstudio
Ink - Stampin' Up!
Ric-rac - Brytex Fabrics
Button - My stash!
Ribbon - Michael's
Punch - Martha Stewart
Thread - Gutterman


Dana Gustafson said...

Yep! may is the new December! I feel your pain sista! So glad I'll be scoopin popcorn with you tomorrow...but I digress....sweet little baby card you made here. I love the greeting in the smokescreen you made.

Dotty Jo said...

Oh how I have missed YOU, and your creative wonderfulness! What a sweet, sweet card and such beautiful trademark Elise flourishes with that fabulous smoke and the sentiment work. Love that giant ric-rac too... be still my beating heart!!!! Don't forget to breathe, hugs, Jo x

Ann said...

Oh my, SO sweet! Hope you have some time to breathe soon! Happy Saturday! :D

Rose said...

what a super sweet card and i LOVE the smoke!! oh i remember those days... so glad it is you and not me! LOL hang in there and enjoy every moment as the time goes by too fast and then they grow up and move out :(

Claire said...

Lovely, lovely card! Happy popcorn scooping!

LeAnne said...

Sweet, precious, cute....I could come up with more adjectives.....but you get the picture! LOVE this!

Rosemary said...

Your card is so, so cute! Hope the popcorn scooping/selling went well!

Karen B. said...

Love this, and that smoke stack is A MAZING!

Kathy Martin said...

Darling card! Love the fuzzy rick rack trim! :)

Kerrianne said...

Gorgeous and darling card as usual! I've missed you Elise! Welcome back :)

Ayana Posadas said...

This is SUCH an adorable card!!!

Tammy said...

Thanks for your gorgeous comment on my colour cue entry it really made my day! I love your two tone sentiment : ) a very Sweet card you have created.

Kelley Eubanks said...

Hey girl... long time no visit... sorry! :) I hear ya about life being hectic... and I only have one! :) Love love love this card... so cute. I really want this set of Dawn's! I love it... so cute! Glad to catch up with your blog... can't comment on every one... been catching up for 3 hours now and i am pooped! :) Hope things calm down for both of us soon! :)

Karen said...

I seriously want to curl up with a blanket of that ric rac! :>:> And YES! The space time continuum is most definitely trying to swallow me whole!!!!

Andi (RrlScrapGal) said...

I can't believe I missed this post and that super card! I love the clouds and the 2 tone! I love the color challenge. One of these days... HA! No doubt I am swallowed in the same space time continuum!!!!

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