Monday, November 15, 2010

Mixin' up some color WITH Color Cue 10!

Oh, friends - Dawn is REALLY mixing things up, this round!

Believe it or NOT, I can GUARANTEE that you will LOVE, love, L-O-V-E this particular Color Cue! Here's why:

WAIT!!! Wait, wait, I know what you're thinking.... "Who does SHE think she is!?! Maybe I don't even LIKE those colors... How can SHEEEEE guarantee that I will love this color combo?"

Now, that's just shameless! Here's me, hoping to CONVINCE you to L-O-V-E
this color combo, simply because I enjoyed it so much.... {Shameless! Truly!}

Okay, wait! Just give me a chance...!

How intuitive is Dawn? I had SO much fun working with a similar color palette in my last post, and I was even WISHING that such a color combo could be much more LARGELY celebrated...

And speaking of celebrations, how 'bout some GATE FOLD inspiration with the super fun and fabulous gals of the JUST US GIRLS crew? Oooooowwww, baby! What a fun twist on card craft!

There is something SO fun about a card that operates in a unique way! I'm just DELIGHTED with this challenge, and the opportunity to INSIST that you love Dawn's latest Color Cue......

I had a blast sifting through some of the newest and some of my all time FAVORITE WPLUS9 stamps, to create this stampy, layered, glittered and inky piece... I love making a card like this really "click" together with the use of some of the MOST IMPORTANT paper craft embellishments EVER created... Basic Grey magnets! I hid one inside the oval sentiment flap:

On the back side of the card, I easily found the magnetic point and then attached the
"negative" magnet, secured with some embellishment glue, like so:

This way the card lays perfectly flat, when needed. but opens easily and makes a
memorable greeting for ANY occasion! Thanks for the terrific inspiration, JUGS girls!

So, are you wondering if I'm STILL insisting that you will positively LOVE W9's latest Color Cue? Well, HERE'S the twist... ALL OF US PICKED OUR OWN COLORS! That's right! Each member of the W9 team picked our own colors to work with! YOU may choose your favorite palette to play along! You can pick 1 or ALL of the palettes, if you so desire! It's custom color play! {Yipee! What fun!} Do WE know how to party with paper, or WHAT!?! You'll definitely want to click around and see what else is being offered...

{But IIIIIIIII will love you BEST if you pick mine... just sayin'!}

Oh, now THAT was shameless!{!} I kid. You know THAT! {*Wink!*} I'm a kidder!

Oh, gosh, one more thing I have to gush about - if you, too, get a chance to
combine BOTH of these wonderful challenges... { What a GREAT idea!!!! }
The JUGS girls are busy celebrating a very special birthday
girl from their divine team... And, well, she's kind of a CLOSE,
personal, friend of mine.... HEEE HEEEE: It's Dana!
Happy Birthday, sweet girl!

See why I call her, "Sweet Lil' Dane!" {She makes that Tim fellow look so handsome!}
Anyway, I didn't have time to make her a card, yet, so I thought I'd just embarrass her.
{I know! - I AM shameless!} I loves you, lil' Dane! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Supplies -

C/S - Stampin' Up!
D/P - Stampin' Up!
Printed Paper (used for flower ) Trader Joe's Mailer
Stamps - WPLUS9
Ink - Stampin' Up!
Border Punch - Martha Stewart Crafts
Oval Die Cut - Sizzix
Flourishes Die - Sizzix/Tim Holtz
Tattered Floral Die - " / "
5 Petal Flower Punch & Label Shape - Stampin' Up!
Walnut Stain Stickles - Tim Holtz/Ranger
Bling - Studio G


~amy~ said...

woot woot...such a stunning color it!!! Check you out, multi-tasking your gate fold challenge too! Thanks for the deets on Dana's b-day:)

Jinny Newlin said...

Those colors, really, are beautiful together, Elise! Love the fold!

Rosemary said...

yes, you are shameless but that is why we love you!! what a great color combo, friendy! and your card.... FANTASTIC!!

Ann said...

Oh, this is too fun! LOVE those colors! :D

farmhouse-story said...

beautiful cardf

AKiteFlier said...

FABULOUS Elise - LOVE your card - every little design feature right down to the magnet - and I KNEW you were a friend of Dana's so thanks for sharing the sweet photo. :-) Thanks for trying the JUGS' technique challenge this week! :-)

Lisa Kind said...

I love your card! Your colors are beautiful...some of my favs! And what a clever way to close the card with magnets! Too cool! Thanks for playing along with Just Us Girls!

Rose said...

OK I LOVE your colors!! they are some of my favs for clothes and towels and other items!!
beautiful card and hope you didn't embarrass Dane too much *giggle*

will get to answering your email on my days off......don't want you to think i forgot :D

Evelin said...

yes yes! Loving your colours! thanks for dropping by my blog ya, fellow 'procrastinator' :P

Savitri said...

Love your colors, lady!!! And look at you, doing two challenges all at once!! I hope things are great there. Me, I'm just chillin' in the most literal sense. The heat went out last night. A guy was here today and was on when he left but of course it's out again. So here I am with my hot coffee and whatever comes out of that electric fireplace (which is useless unless we all live in the living room). Hope you have a goodie!!

Dana Gustafson said...

Aw gee aw shucks! Girl! You know I am all *shiny brite* right now! Shiny brite good in ornaments, not so good in my pink cheeks! Hee hee! THanks for the birthday tribute and the posting of my brush with papercrafting fame! What a weekend we had.

Now onto card business....LOVE this combo of colors! That Dawn is always coming up with ways to shake things up. I love the idea of dueling color combos for the current Cue. You picked one of my favorite combos! shocker I know ;) Loving the way you swirl and ink and CLICK! oooooh I knew I needed more magnets...why did you not warn me of your brilliance and the remorse I would feel after skipping the magnet sale??? *giggle* Way to work the Cue my dear friend, I am thankful for YOU and your crafty creativeness this holiday season!

Andrea M said...

I'm loving your color combo!!!! It IS fabulous! And you totally rocked the gate fold challenge! The magnet is a wonderful idea - I've gotta check out the Basic Grey Magnets :) Way to go!!! Thanks so much for playing along with Just Us Girls!

Kathryn B said...

Well I do think this is an awesome color combo Elise!!! If there were only enough hours in this week I'd give it a whirl...sigh. I Absolutely love your gate fold card girl! The flower and swirls along with the magnet (gotta get some of those)ROCK!

Thanks so much for playing along with Just Us Girls this week!

Karen said...

I was gonna say, that color combo looks VERY much like You! :> And anything with a Basic Grey magnet in it is great to me (except when they flip out of your hand & you start to get paranoid as to which little electronic device they rolled near on even worse, ON and then panic some more and find yourself on your hands & knees, recruiting kidlet help & are about to even bring the cat in from outside to help the search party out...if only there were time to train kitty to sniff out magnets....and you are all groping the carpet with your noses practically grazing it, looking like everyone has either lost a contact, a prized jewel, or just gone plain crazy mad and just when said possible madness can set in, your hands pass over a small, cool to the touch, precious, but strong little Basic Grey magnet....deep breath....and all is right in the world again. Sigh.)...oooo...I digressed. Hmmmm, I'm good at that, but I'll try to focus now, I promise.

I'm flashing back to a card or two made with a similiar palette by the talented you, maybe a year ago? The pallette was soooo you that I had it ingrained in my head (& am now insanely curious....might have to dig through your blog to find it!). Anyhow, you've done it justice again with a whole lotta stamping & inking & layering and it looks fab! :>

Karen said...

Oh goodness gracious!! Writing in a tiny little box can be dangerous! Dangerous, I tell you! Oh the places my mind goes........ :>:>

Jo said...

Gorgeous card!! Love the colours! Just amazing