Friday, April 22, 2011

Check out my CHICKS!


{That's "chick" for "I made it through a LONG week and I'm celebrating!"}

In fact, LOT'S of gals are celebrating - It's EASTER weekend and my lovely friends from
JUST US GIRLS have a three dimensional CHALLENGE to get your mind off your peeps
for a while... Break out your IMAGINATION, back AWAY from the chocolate... and get
ready to cut, score and FIRE up your glue gun - it's ONNNNNNNNNNNNN!

There's lots of room to run, this week - ANY template with a SPRING theme will do!
So, I decided to hop down my own springy trail! Custom made PEEPS - sugar free!

More on their creation, to follow. First, join with me in bounding around to my fellow
Jug-heads creative sites to see what they've loaded into their Easter baskets....

{... and do I MEAN "loaded!"}

And, don't forget our SUPER guest designer, for April, Teresa Kline!!!

This might be fun enough for you to forget the {occasional} pressures of the
early holiday season... Easter/Mother's Day/Father's Day... Who cares if
the napkin rings match the table cloth - let's MAKE stuff!

Got custom PAPER CRAFTY centerpiece?

Here's a "take with much salt and creative interpretation" approach to my technique...

Draw chicks on computer paper, cut silhouette, leaving a semi-solid base.

Trace onto colored card stock of choice, along a 1 - 1/5" scored strip,
midway through an 8.5 x 11" piece of paper....

For MY Easter centerpiece, I wanted three different chicks.
Three easily fit along this piece. Trace mirror images across the
scored section and then cut to silhouette and remove from section.

One chick was flipped to give me three separate chicks from two simple drawings

From the same colored piece of card stock, but 12 x12", cut 1 - 1/5" strip, and score on both
sides at the 1/4 inch mark. Bend the strip to find middle and then begin making notches to
either side of the strip. Bend to fit silhouette, shaping and scoring,
as if molding the paper to shape.

Add more notches and cross score marks, as needed to fit shape.

Embellish "chick" shape as desired, BEFORE gluing center strip...

Prepare to HOT GLUE your center strip, starting with one side, from bottom
and then around the perimeter, leaving a small allowance from the strip to the edge
of shape. Glue a few sections at a time, until the entire strip is secure. Glue the front piece
to the strip and secure the base so that the chick with stand on it's own.

Embellish with jelly beans, Easter grass or if you live in my world
EASTER NERD ROPES! {!!! I know! WHAT? !!!}

Anyway, darlingest friends in all of blogdom... I hope you have a MOST glorious Easter
whereEVER your hang your basket, and HOWEVER you like your sweets! I adore
marking the passing of the glorious seasons with you all! Have a most blessed day!

Supplies -

C/S - Stampin' Up!
Pens - Stampin' Up!
Hot Glue Gun

{Sugar! Lot's and lots of SUGAR!}


farmhouse-story said...

i'm simply amazed with this sweet project, elise! you are SO, SO talented! awesome drawing and coloring on the chicks! happy easter to you:)

~amy~ said...

Good Grief are so very clever and talented!!!!!!! Have a super weekend!!!!

LeAnne said...

You DREW these? could make a mint if you could figure out how to reproduce these for sale!!!

Rosemary said...

WOW!!! how cute are these little chicks??? too cute! and i agree with LeAnne, totally! happy easter, friend!

Dana Gustafson said...

Oh come ON! Bring it why dontcha?!?? You are my fine artist hero, truly! Your chicks blow away all the vintage chick postcard images I have carefully saved on my computer. I might as well hit "delete all" since they can't compare to yours! You.... complete.... me and I am so inspired by the things you, make, draw, paint, and/or create.

Pass me the fridge fermented peeps please, I think I just passed out! Well done, girl, WELL done!

Carol L said...

Those are some mighty cute chicks!
Just wanted to stop by and wish you a happy Easter! Hope it's a good one!

AKiteFlier said...

Wait - I ALMOST stopped at the "back away from the chocolate" but I persevered - savoring a yummy cadbury cream egg as I read this post - licking my fingers - getting my keyboard all sticky. YUMMY but not anywhere near as yummy as your project. I'm not fond of peeps but these made my heart go pitter pat - just toooooooo cute Elise - where you come up with all this goodness is a mystery but I'm sure glad you do! Big Easter hugs.

Rose said...

sugar free??!! that is unheard of in my home! :)

Happy Easter!!!

scrappermimi said...

This is Darling, hope you had a fab holiday!

Andrea M said...

OK - wait a sec… I'm throwing the flag and calling "foul"… or "fowl" as the case may be… there just can't be this much creative, inspirational AWESOMENESS in one person?!?! Surely there are more of you, each with your own creative niche? So there is only one, AMAZING, INCREDIBLE you… still I wish there were more! The world needs more of YOU :) You absolutely ASTOUND me, dear friend!!! I can't believe you drew these darlin's!!! What a great tutorial too! Like Dana said, WELL DONE!
I hope you had a wonderful Easter!!!

Karen said...

Oh Elise! Those chicks are so fantastically delightful!! There really isn't a limit to what you can come up with, is there?! Hope you had a happy Easter!

Kristin Eberline said...

Elise, are you kidding me?! You DREW these adorable, sugar-free Peeps?!!! Thattagirl! I LOVE your sweet baskets, lovingly hand crafted to hold your Easter Nerd ropes :] Bwah ha ha ha...I laughed when I read that. Your creativity is such an inspiration. I love to you bring it back to the basics of true art the way we were originally taught. I get a little caught up with trying to put everything onto the computer and getting my Cricut to cut for me, that I lose site of the therapeutic hand crafting side of our addiction <3 LOVE your Peeps...they could probably hang with your girl, Dana's 3-D peep ;] You sure were on the same wavelength this week!!

Maria said...

WOW! That is amazing what you did! What a super fabulous job creating those amazing chicks!! Bravo well done

Jinny Newlin said...

Too cute for words, you genius, you! WOW!