Friday, August 12, 2011

WANT2 get crafty?

I sure did!

And it can get CONTAGIOUS - but DON'T bust out the antibacterial lotion just yet...

~ you might WANT some of this ~

It started with a little tickle - in my CRAFTY bone... Oh, and THIS:

{Look! Oh, JUST LOOK!}

It's a BOUNTY of crafty fabulosity from a completely
HOT crafty spot, a place that's green enough to make Mother Earth grin from ear to ear!
We're talking about Eco Green - the maker of an unspeakably AMAZING selection
of earth friendly art materials, and I am still inky and paint covered enough to say:
THEIR products ARE awesome! If you're at all curious about how the above materials,
and a little pile of crafty inspiration in the next picture, got me crafting like a fiend...

Click that mouse to attention and CHECK OUT THIS COMPLETE Nestaboard™
album CRAFT-A-GANZA, at my favorite spot for blinged - out inspiration....

Want2Scrap™ - the CREATIVE blog!

{As opposed to Want2Scrap™ - the STORE! That's where you want to go AFTER!}

Hee Hee

I hope you'll check it out, I can't TELL you how MUCH I want you to see
HOW fun it is to work with Want2Scrap's™ new Nestaboard™ products!

ALL of my crafty details are THERE!



Ann said...

This looks wonderful! I think these products will work great and it is something I can really use! (Not to just have!) I know a few individuals that will be happy that you shared this

Karen said...

Yeehaw is right! Look at all that crafty goodness....product, creation & kids!! :>:> Love your new signature, Miss E!

Unknown said...

That is fabulous! How did you do that? What a talent you have!

Following your lovely blog. I am also inviting you to add your blog at Momma's Lounge ( where you can shout away, add your business/giveaways, and meet more mom bloggers from allover the world.

Thanks and have a great day!

Rosemary said...

a simply fabby project, elise... must check out Eco Green!

FerrellGraph-x said...

I love the texture you created! So fabulous!
What was the technique?
Kindest regards,
Jennifer Ferrell

Carol L said...

How flippin' awesome is this creation!!! I love the woodgrain look and the fabulous western theme with that twine woven around the picture! Even the HORSE likes it - I see him hogging the camera shot of your supplies! lol Did I mention how CAA_UUTE your kids are?!! Adorable!!

Indy's Designs said...

Love your incredible project!

Andrea M said...

Oh Mama!!! This is FANTABULOUS for sure!!! I know I say this all the time but every time I stop by, I am overwhelmed by your AMAZINGNESS!!! I mean, you made this EXQUISITE, OUTSTANDING album. With your own two hands. I stand in awe of you friend!!! Seriously. I'll have to check out the green products too - thanks for sharing!!!