Saturday, January 29, 2011

February Release - DAY THREE!

For a chance to win something (*wink!*) from my first EVER blog candy, give me a little love right here!

I survived CHA - ON THE FLOOR with the big DOGS - honey, baby, sweethearts! It IS as huge as you've heard!

What a B - L - A - S - T! I have SEEN some things, friends. Good things. Glorious and AMAZING things!

Things like this:



And, of course - THIS!

Oh, MY! Look at the crew - Cathe, T!m and ME!

It's ALMOST too much for the eyes to bare...

But I've got something else that's SUPER fun, and you don't even have to BE at CHA to enjoy it...

My card features some of Dawn's newest output, mainly Spring Post!

{I LOVE this set! It is LOADED!}

The whole team is busy playing with either Spring Post or Post Marked:
I CAN'T wait to see what they've done!




Sarah Martina

THIS release is rockin' my creative world! {And remember, I'm at CHA! HELLO!}

I feel TRULY blessed to have had a chance to share this with you...
THANK YOU for sharing your blog time with me! Take care!

Supplies -

C/S - Stampin' Up!
Stamps - Wplus9 design studio
Ink - Stampin' Up!
Scallop Die - PTI
Scallop Punch - Fiskars
Circle Punches - Stampin' Up!
Baker's Twine - Divine Twine


Sarah Martina said...

Oh dear, this is TOO cute!!! Look at the perfect color palette!

One big reason I'm sad I'm not at CHA... I'm missing a BIG HUG from you!!!

Glad you're having fun, my dear! :)

Erin (Homemade Cards by Erin) said...

This is great, love the white on kraft, and I'm a postal themed junkie...

Becky Dunham said...

Wow what a great card! That is one amazing set - I need to see more of it :) I love the flower you made - just brilliant!

Andrea M said...

Glad to see you enjoying CHA, girl! Great pics!
And this card is just so darn PURDY!!!! What a great color combo and the fan fold medallion is sheer perfection!!! With touches of glitter and everything! This baby's loaded :) B-E-A-U-TIFUL!

Dana Gustafson said...

Yeah girl! THAT is what I am talking about! I hope you said hi to Tim for me ;) Green with envy that you are walking the floors of CHA with Cathe among some of the best and brightest...thanks so much for sharing your moments here on the blog!

And ummm heloooooo gorgeous! Your card and the postage inspired sets are fantastic!

Nerina said...

Sooooooo pretty! Your colour combo is enough to make a girl swoon! :0) Looks like you're having FUN! Enjoy!

Karen said...

That postage has me does that pinwheel! :>:>

Annnnnnnnnnnd I {heart} your enthusiasm and fun spirit!!! Glad you're having a blast, got some Tim time in, and shared that to die for display with the hands & lanterns!!! Happy sighs....

Andi (RrlScrapGal) said...

LOVE the photo of you and Tim and Cathe! ROCKSTAR Country Girl!!!!!!

Gorgeous gorgeous card!!!!!!!


Carol L said...

AHhhh, now THAT'S what I'm talking about!!! The photo totally ROCKS and I think it's fantastic that you two had your picture taken with T!M!! You go girl!!!
This card is fantastic with the beautiful postage stamp background and that gorgeous rosette! Life really is good :D
Keep on having fun, but don't drool too much over all that fabulous good stuff at CHA! *snort*

~amy~ said...

LOVE your card and all your pics!!!! Looks like you are having a GREAT time!!!!!

Rosemary said...

what a STUNNING card, elise!! some serious crafting work going on there girl! definitely must check out this Wplus9 release! anywho glad to see you ran into your guy, t!m!!

Anonymous said...

E, it was fun following your trip to SoCal via your blog! Seems like you had a great time and found some real treasures! Thanks for sharing...

Jinny Newlin said...

Just beautiful, Elise! I adore your color combo! And so happy to see you having so much fun at CHA! LOVE to go someday. I just love our releases, because you come visit me and leave the sweetest comments EVER! Thank you!

Gabby said...

I love the way you used those stamp sets to create the background for your card! Your rosette with the sparkly edges is awesome! Ya'll look like three peas in a happy pod! :)

Monique said...

Love this Elise... Great color combo and pinwheel flower!! Looks like you are having so much FUN!!!

Vera Yates (Ling) said...

Love, love this set! Your card is fabulous. And ooks likeyou have a blast there at CHA! Have fun!!

Rose said...

such a pretty card!!

I am SHOCKED!!! it took you this long to get a pic with TH???? LOL

you just keep having a blast and posting pics as i have lived in a Big city and have NO plans on visiting a huge one again! nope, not even to meet the T man *giggle*
can you say.........panic attacks with me in crowds! sad but true, lol

kksb said...

I am heavy in to the postal theme. Am thrilled to see this stamp set.

Diane Jaquay said...

LOVE this card, that background ROCKS!!!

Linda aka Oz said...

You are such a piggy! So selfish of you to take ANOTHER pic of yourself with Timmy. Now I know why you said my life sized cutout was to large for your carry on....
I am so giddy you are there, I know it is exhausting work and I am sure everything hurts a bit by now... but you are there and that is so bloody exciting!!!! ENJOY ENJOY ENJOY! the Oz

Unknown said...

I am loving this Spring Post line! Love your picture.... looks very exciting!

Thank you so much for sharing!!!

okj83 at live dot com

Unknown said...

Love Tim, love your cards. With kraft cs you can never go wrong and I love the printed flower doily!

Stacy Simpson said...

Looks like you are having fun. Love the circle "doily" on your card!

farmhouse-story said...

i'm so glad you are having such a great time! sorry about your feet:) your card is so wonderful, elise--love the colors, and the pleated rosette is simply awesome!!

Anonymous said...

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