Monday, March 14, 2011

Bring on a new round of COLOR!

That's right, babies!

I am so excited to be part of this PARTICULAR color inspiration from Wplus9 -
We're beckoning SPRING!
"Oh, spriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnng.... Come out, come OUT......, whereEVER you arrrrrreeeee!"

C'mon little fella - GET ON WITH IT ALREADY! {YES, I'm shouting!} hee hee

Okay, enough of that. Let's try some of THIS:

Now that I'm done with my little tantrum. I'll try Dawn's way! A little gentle coaxing perhaps...
Woopsie - almost forgot! These colors were KERRIANNE'S inspiration!

{Go, GIRL! Get me some SPRING! Yipeeee!}

We're all doing our part ~ check out what my other D/T lovelies have made to bring on the sun!


Meanwhile, I just have to share this triumphant usage of tool, inspired by this challenge.

LAST YEAR, I positively thought I might not live if I could not be in ownership of the
Martha Stewart SHAMROCK punch! {AAaaaaaarrrgggghhh!} It was sold out from ALL
of our local Michael's and I was DEVASTATED..... Fortunately, though, I pulled through.

Later that season, the stores were blissfully restocked and I became a proud owner
of the wee little shamrock punch! Astonishingly, I might {!}
have MISSED my opportunity to parade it out, all together,
if NOT for the fun I was having with color and texture - SUDDENLY
I remembered my sweet lil' baby shamrock and the rest is LAYERS of history!

{Got my $$$ and *heart* worth RIGHT THAR - THAT'S what I'm TALKIN' about!!!}

I turned to the lovely and inspirational team from CARD PATTERNS for my
composition inspiration: I love this one! It was the perfect platform for my
colorful, colorful FUN!

I can ALMOST see spring comin'! Yipeeeeee!

Thank you for peeking at this colorful post! I CANNOT wait to see what YOU do!
{C'mon! YOU know I'm talking to YOU! We'd LOVE to see your work in the CUE!!!!}
Let's tap mother earth on the shoulder and remind her - we're WAITING!

Bring ONNNNN the SPRING! Yeee HAW!

Supplies -

C/S - Stampin' Up!
Stamps - Wplus9DesignStudio {I used stamps from, at least 6 sets!!!}
Ribbon - Recollections
Bling - Want2Scrap


Karen said...

You sure did put that shamrock punch to Great use!! Lovin' those layers and that sweet li'l birdie! :>

And I might have to come back and visit again when the rains come back this week! ;>

anja curvers said...

Wow amazing you did a great job with this sketch love that shamrock punch. Glad you joined us at cardpatterns.

Avni said...

Elise, This is my very first visit to your blog! This beautiful card on W9plus page pulled me here. Your creations are wonderful. It's very different from flowers-bfly cards!

Carol L said...

Holy Guacamole girl!! How on earth did you find the patience to layer all those shamrocks in such a beautiful pattern!? This card completely blows me away, because I know you spent a looooong time arranging and adhering those punched elements! What a fabulous FABULOUS card you've created! That tiny bird in the tree sure reminds me of spring in the air! Rock on my friend, you're definitely on a creative roll!!!

~amy~ said...


Jinny Newlin said...

Absolutely, so much fun! LOVE what you've done with the shamrocks... so much fantastic texture! And your little window to spring is genius!

Janelle said...

Wow. Can't stop staring at your card... had to p-u-l-l myself away to leave a comment. All those shamrocks... the window cut in the center as opposed to plopping on a matted image... it's all brilliant!

Rosemary said...

amazing to thing you had a hard time with these colors!! who'd thought??? not me (unless you told me, teee heee!), cuz this card is just well... a breathe of beautiful spring!!

Jocelyn Olson said...

The shamrocks are to die for! I love the layering!!

Dotty Jo said...

OMG Elise - we are talking super fabulous here!!!! That little bird is so sweet, those clouds are so fluffy and white... and the shamrocks: ROCK! Jo x

LeAnne said...

I think you are an over-achiever.....I would never have the patience to glue on all those shamrocks, but it SURE IS CUTE! That little window...just adorable!

Kerrianne said...

Holy Shamrock!!! Girl you rocked the ol luck of the Irish!!! Love this technique and the gorgeous pattern you have way more patience than me my dear!!! Bring on spring & thank you so much for the inspiration darlin'!! So fun! I can just hear that lil bird tweeting on a warm spring afternoon ;-)

Emily Leiphart said...

This is just amazing, Elise! I love the sweet little scene and the gorgeous layers of shamrock!

Monique said...

Omg.. this is brilliant Elise.. You are fabulous..I love the little scene and all the shamrock work!! You rock GF!!!!

Dana Gustafson said...

Holy clovers batman! THat's a lot of punching...I haven't seen punching like that in *awhile* (oh never mind! ;)) I LOVE that you made your sweet birdie sing a happy tune in his little spring scene. The circle window surrounded by the clovers makes me feel as if I am peeking thorugh a hole in the wall of the Secret Garden! Bravo!

Amy Kolling said...

This has got to be one of the best cards I've ever seen! I love love that punched layered card front and it works so beautifully with that sketch. Thanks for sharing your shamrock story.....I've been like that on several occasions stalking Michael's for a particular product....sometimes so much, I'm sure they roll their eyes when I come in!!

whoistracy said...

Just gorgeous, as always! Love the little cut-out you made and the scene you created. This rocks! So glad you could play along with us on Card Patterns.

farmhouse-story said...

you clever thing--i LOVE how you layered the shammies! and then, there is your awesome little scene peeking through-LOVE that, too!

Andrea M said...

That's what I'm talking about!!! WOW GF! This is some fantastic colorful, layered, stunning scenery!! WOWZAS, E-stir!!! This is some A-MAZING piece of paper crafting wizardry!!! I LOVE your layered shamrocks! Money well spent, m'dear!!! FABULOUS!!!

Euphoria Marzena Zablonska said...

Hi :-)
This is very, very, very, very nice card!
I fell in love :-)
You'r GREAT!